Notice: Please click here for information regarding Corona Virus.


We will be opening back up the public on Monday the 27th during our regular business hours. My biggest concern is for the safety and well-being of our work family, you, our customers and our business partners! We will have very strict guide-lines in place to ensure safety for everyone, so we hope you understand.

If at any time I feel that customers are not complying with our guidelines, I will not hesitate to ask you to leave our dealership. I take this extremely seriously!

  • Our employees will be using masks. You are also required to wear a mask while you are on the dealership property – no exceptions! DO NOT get out of your car without a mask on.
  • All customer entry doors to our dealership will be locked at all times. Please do not sneak around the back to gain entry into our showroom or parts/service department.
  • You are welcome to get out of your vehicle and look at all our inventory – but with your mask on. If we don’t go out and greet you right away, please call us and someone will go out and meet you.
  • If you need to purchase parts or accessories and you don’t want to experience a long wait time in your vehicle, please call our parts department ahead of time so they can prepare you order. Once you arrive, please call back and notify them that you have arrived and give a description of your vehicle. At that time, depending on method of payment or size of order, you will be instructed on how payment will be accepted and how parts will be transferred to you. WE REQUIRE ALL PARTS PURCHASES TO BE PREPAID OVER THE PHONE UNLESS YOU DON’T HAVE ONE AND IN THAT CASE ONLY, WE WILL ACCEPT CASH OR CHECK.
  • If you need to drop off your boat for service, call ahead to let us know you are coming and give us the details on what type of service is required. You can also email us the service requested at [email protected].  You will have to drop your boat off between the showroom and service department, unhook it, leave it there and call our service department to let us know it’s there. Our staff will move your boat to our secure service lot. ALL SERVICE PERFORMED WILL HAVE TO BE PAID BY CREDIT CARD OVER THE PHONE PRIOR TO COMING FOR YOU BOAT UNLESS YOU DON’T HAVE ONE AND IN THAT CASE ONLY WE WILL ACCEPT CASH OR CHECK.
  • Absolutely no “hanging” out inside our parts/service department.
  • We have moved our entire new and pre-owned inventory outside for safer viewing for all. You will only be allowed inside our showroom for very specific reasons such as payment or signing documentation. All other reasons must me be approved by me.
  • Our restroom facilities will be closed to the public for the time being – do not ask to use them.
  • We will have hand sanitizer for you to use right before you exit. Please feel free to use it.

Please keep in mind that we have closed for over a month and we are extremely backlogged in our service department. We are going to keep a strict schedule so please don’t ask to have your boat “moved” up to the front of the line – this will not happen!

We look forward to getting back on track! Thank you for all your patience and continued support!

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~Christi Romero, General Manager